Let me start first by clearing it upfront. I am not a super time managed person. I always end up chasing deadlines and more than often complete my work, not with perfection, but just with completing the deliverable.

That been cleared up; I can start the post. I took the courage to write this post because, at one point in the past month, I started completing one season per day of the show, Peaky Blinders. Awesome show, by the way. But, that just meant that for more than a week, I wasn’t achieving anything. A day of fun is good. A weekend fantastic, but the entire week starts giving red signals.

So this video was the one that helped me clear my mind and work in some right direction. Mostly the post will be lessons from this video and my personal experience. Surely check out the YouTube channel CGP Grey. His content is incredible, and you will learn a lot from the channel. 😊

Here are some key points I like to keep in my mind for productivity

At least 1 time-window for work

be it as short as an hour, and maximum up to 3 hours. But the critical requirement is to keep this part of your timetable immovable. It’s highly unlikely for you to have any other priority in lockdown time. The immovability of this time will make you sit down at least once and do some work. Work here includes but is not exclusive to online classes, work-from-home internship, any creative writing. Long story short, make a time window for no social media and chats.

Divide your home space

This was one of the key take-away from the video. Try to segregate boundaries inside your room. We usually have classes where we read, the playground where we do physical activity, a bed where we sleep, and a couch where we chill. This boundary starts dissolving in the lockdown, where many of us are confined to a room. But, you can start marking the regions. Desk for work, left side of the bed for movie watching, right for sleep 😛, the floor for some exercise … so on. 

I even do this division of space in my web browser. Separate windows for separate activities. You can try that too.

Exercise for at least half an hour.

You often hear on the news channel that to fight this virus, we need strong immunity. Not sure how much of it is true, but we can’t forget there are many other diseases to fight. And we can’t let our bodies get weak and dull being confined to a small space. Physical exercise will help us maintain some activity in the body and keep all the systems running smoothly.

Read a book

At least 15 minutes a day. Maybe even more if you like it. Personally, I feel reading is a privilege, and it lets us explore the mind of may great writers and their characters. You can read a detailed post here. In short, it’s a good practice, and now is the time to start.

Maintain a schedule

Especially the sleeping and the eating times. I am not asking you to sleep by 11 and wake up by 6. Just whatever you fit too, be consistent. Our body works so much better if we keep it in a schedule. So try to keep one.

Weekend Creativity

Nothing too big, just something that has been in your to-do list for months. Be it making a website, digital art, mobile app, anything that you have always wanted to try. This can be an excellent time to work towards that. Of course, sometime it will stretch past weekend, but you will learn something new. And that’s one of the primary goals I have set for lockdown.


5 min meditation daily

This is something I personally have started just a few days back and can’t tell much about. It is highly suggested by many. Paraphrasing a statement I heard in this context. Whenever you are in trouble, it’s the voice inside your head that guides you. So you should take some time out of life to just explore it. For further exploration, google is your friend.

In the end, I will comment is that these are some of the key points that I felt are good. But these are just the ingredients, and I request you to make your own recipe.

Ya, that can be a good suggestion too. LEARN COOKING. It makes you feel more independent. I’m still just a newbie in that domain. Follow me for some future Dalgona coffee recipe.

Thanks for reading ❤

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Special Thanks to CGP grey for his video. Link here