Random Episode generator

Pick up a random episode from a show you wanna rewatch

Random Episode generator

A quick demo


Once we are done watching a TV show, many times we just wanna pick a random episode to rewatch, and relive the experience. In some countries, for a TV show names Friends, Netflix has given such a button to pick an episode, but that is missing in Netflix India as of Aug’20. Also, we need such a picker for any of the show we want to use in rejuvenetion of our experience. So this project.

What to do

  • Linux Users
    git clone https://github.com/rs9899/randomEpisodeGenerator.git
    cd randomEpisodeGenerator
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python main.py
  • Windows Users : Yes, this time I have tried taking care of windows user too as more than often they miss out on many of the github projects.

Method 1 (Suggested)

Method 2

Future plans

  • Make this executable for user interactive.
  • Fetch the streaming service where the content can be viewed with a URL link to do the same.
  • In case of people having episodes downloaded offline, do a tree traversal and pick the episode.

Thanks for checking this out

Also check other random experiments on my website & my github page