Course Projects and Self Projects

  • CV2-plt-imshow

    Created a PyPi package to handle the use cases of pyplot based ploting on images generated or read by CV2

  • Video-Bokeh-Effect

    Applied disc blur along with gamma correction across segmented frame and took care of temporal smoothening which foreground extraction

  • Causal Bandit

    Working on various approaches for solving causal bandits, did an extensive comparision and also suggested a new approach that used the causal graph to get lower cummulative regrets

  • Zero Shot Learning in Scene Graph Generation

    Extended the Scene Graph generation to infinite vocabulary predicate by predicting the target word-embeddings which can then be mapped to the closest word in the Embedding space

  • VQA : A CS763 Odyssey Computer Vision

    Worked on the existing Visual Question Answering using Deep Learning approach, adding improved Word Embeddings and a side classifier to switch between modules for YES/NO answers and normal answers

  • GetSchedGo

    Developed a web time table scheduling application using Django with personalisations like events suggestion, smart scheduling, course based events and syncing the result with the Google Calendar

  • Railway Signalling Controller

    Programmed a Spartan FPGA Board in VHDL to work as a railway signalling controller along with encrypting the communication between the boards