Research Projects

  • Handling Heterogeneity in Cryogenic Electron Microscopy

    Under Prof. Ajit Rajwade 2019-20
    • Moment based approach for classification of microscopic projections
    • CNN models in the cases where we have 100-200 labelled projections
    • Stochastic selection of particles followed by iterative improvement of angle-estimates

  • Auto Tuning Spark Applications on a Kubernetes cluster

    Under Prof. Umesh Bellur Autumn 2018
    • Developed a framework to output resource consumption for input set of configurational parameters
    • Generated more analytical data for further analysis in configurational parameters optimisation

  • Single Image Super Resolution

    Under Prof. Suyash Awate Spring 2018
    • Single image super-resolution using neural network following the ideas of EnhanceNet
    • Experimented with conversion of images to sequence models for application of LSTM cells